25 Jul

Evil Genius: Let There Be Noise

I do think this is a possible explanation…. Evil Genius: For years we have conspired to drive mankind (mostly man) crazy with our evil devices and inventions. Mad Scientist: (repositions hump) Yessss, master! Evil Genius: We have done well my
12 Feb

Flabdomen – It’s Singular

I’m going to correct a common misconception about the male figure. The anatomical term for the midsection of hominids is abdomen, which is obviously singular. Those of lower IQ will point to the term “men” in the word abdomen and
30 Nov

132 E. Linden Ave (856) 783-5298

The last time I talked to my grandfather I was embarrassed by my inability to talk with him because of Parkinsons, his hearing being shot and his speech so fragmented.  Phones are great for many things but not ideal for
01 Aug

Misrouted Item Technician

A little humor from Humore.us The worst job I ever had?  I once worked for the airline industry helping customers retrieve lost luggage – I can’t say which airline based on the terms of my severance package with said airline