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Happily Successful

Most people get the linkage right and the causality wrong in the order of happiness and success. If you think “I’ll be happy when I’m successful” you fell into the trap. Research has shown that happy people are successful people and so focusing on how to be happy is a precursor for how to be successful.

Core Topics: success, optimism, mastery, challenge, achievement, focus, engagement, relationships, neuroplasticity

Taming the Constant of Chaos

Chaos is a constant. Chaos may change forms from recession or housing crisis to pandemic or hiring crisis, but chaos isn’t going away. What’s important about chaos is that we know how to navigate the “new normal” or the “new crisis” because when can be our best when things are at their worst, we are invaluable leaders and are happy regardless.

Core Topics: blind spots, behavioral flexibility, mental fitness, resilience, negativity bias, self-sabotage, negative emotions

The Hard Parts of Happiness

Are you running towards what you want out of life or running away from the hard parts of life. More pleasure, more joy and more fun are part of living a happier life. There are also hard parts of happiness like service, navigating tough relationships, and building mastery. Crafting a fulfilling life means staying connected to your deeper sense of purpose and your “why.” Happiness can be hard but the hard parts of happiness are also the good parts.

Core Topics: mastery, service, relationships, stress, passion, joy, creation, challenge, growth, flow, engagement

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