Our interactive and humor-filled team-buildings are for groups from 5 – 100 and are just as fun as they are impactful! Our toolbox is vast and can bring teams back together in virtual settings or in your workplace. Cohesive, resilient and bonded teams who are challenged by their work and have aligned their passions, interests and skills has incredible power both for the individual and the organization.

A few things we know about workplace culture:

  • The impact of the pandemic is real and as we awkwardly ease back into social situations it is critical to build a foundation of connection and togetherness more so than before.
  • Some teams just need a reset and a lighthearted team building to build and maintain positive relationships which are core to retaining and attracting the best talent.
  • Fractured teams need to reestablish communication, respect and trust and our deeper diving retreats serve to repair and reenergize struggling teams or teams moving through change.


Worrying Workplace Statistics


Interactive Games

Team challenges and group games get the energy high and the competitive juices rolling. Activities also set the stage for the deeper work and tougher conversations necessary for progress.


Trust, communication and truly being heard valued and respected come from getting to know each other not as colleagues but as humans. Add in a dash of leadership training and you're building chemistry for the long haul.


Research has proven happiness causes success so focusing on building a 'fun place' to work goes way beyond ping pong tables. Building a roadmap to success starts with your people and then proceeds to setting strategy.


Our distilled down content gets to the point and is always delivered in an engaging and humorous format. You’ll have fun going deep with the powerful tools from leadership, communication, positive psychology and trust.


“Since the retreat, I have noticed a great improvement in overall teamwork, employee morale and engagement. The high energy and motivation coming resulting from the work at the retreat carried over into increased productivity when we returned to the office. Thank you for your leadership and workshop-style retreat agenda that helped me and our owner accomplish the desired messaging and implementation of our new mission and strategy.” – Garret Brafford, President CO West Companies

“Anthony customized our organizations presentation to correspond with the them of our retreat and the needs of our organization. Not only was he engaging and funny, but the information he provided assisted our employees identifying their own and their co-workers communication styles. Staff are still discussing their style and how it relates to others in their division. If you choose Anthony for your event, you will not be sorry!” – Suzanne Kalmbacher, Cecil County Maryland

Let's talk about your unique challenges and what's possible with a team-building or retreat.

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