You are in control of your performance, productivity and relationships.

This action guide offers clears steps to deepening connections to people, community and is just as valuable for teams of 1000, 100, 10 or for your own personal growth.  This self-paced guide makes the science of happiness accessible and easily implemented.  There are many myths related to happiness and one is that success will make you happy. Research shows happiness causes success. So get happy first, success will follow.

“I just printed your workbook, and can only use one word to describe it – BRILLIANT! I have been doing Leadership Development for most of my adult life, have 4 Masters degrees and a doctorate from Columbia and believe that you have encapsulated most of the important points in just one simple work of art. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom with the masses!” – Joyce S.

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What's Inside


Our lives are complex and between work, home and community the challenges are different but the solutions in the workbook apply across all three areas of life.


This isn’t Pop Psychology. These are proven tools developed by nerds in science but without all the formulas and acronyms.


Your path is your own. This workbook meets you where you are. Dive deep where the content resonates.


Distilled down content that gets to the point delivered in an engaging and humorous format. You’ll have fun!

Completing this workbook will:

Choose your path

for teams...

Choose your path

for individuals...

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