Emcees, DJ’s and keynote speakers with a flair for fun!

Like the idea of doing something different?  Let our emcees, DJ’s and keynote speakers host a fun game, trivia night and make it a party with a purpose and have your favorite charity benefit.  Sound complicated? It isn’t.  Let us help.

Play Silly Games Like….

  • Themed & Customized Trivia – Rated PG to NR based on your group.
  • What’s in the Box: and Does it Bite? 20-Questions-Style Fun! Tetanus shot not included.
  • Would you eat this for a Dollar? Pit your desire for prizes against your gag reflex and let others sweeten the pot while benefiting a non-profit. Also known as “What’s Your Pride Worth?”
  • Let’s Flip a Car in the Parking Lot – We don’t actually offer this, we’re kidding. I mean, I guess we can offer this if you’re really interested. We’d need to check with our insurance.

Fun from rated G to Rated R – the spectrum to family-friendly to completely inappropriate1.
1Not suitable for all ages or for people with no humor (and likely no friends).

Need Content

Thought this could be funny humor to break up services?

What is a Party with a Purpose….

We have a simple formula.  Read on….

Do-more with your event by adding a Half-Truism! 

Altruism is gesture of giving without benefitting.  By adding Hu-Mor(e) to your events you get to giggle so it’s Half-truism.  But Half-Truism is still ALL-fun! With a Hu-Mor(e) events you can blend good causes with good times.  No boring non-profit board meetings or newsletters just giving More to good organizations doing good things so they can Do-more while you do something fun!

Do-more with Gener-oddity?

Encourage philanthropy in your workplace/family/friend network and laugh more with our simple three-step approach called Gener-Oddity. It’s GENERosity, with a mix of ODDITY we call it gener-oddity emphasis on odd, but you’ll love it.  Our three simple steps:

1)    Laugh and Play Silly Games!
2)    Win Prizes for You or Your Team!
3)    Support a Good Cause!

Work with Anthony

I don’t take my life too seriously but I do take humor very seriously – I’m mediocre at many `{`many!`}` things but not when it comes to humor.

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