Our preference is for longer workshops (1/2 day to full-day) and with regular interaction over several months whenever possible to deepen the learning and form new and lasting habits. Our engagements can be shortened to 2-hour workshops and can be presented live or virtually and an include1:1 coaching, group coaching and self-guided lessons. Any of our workshops can be modified into 45 minute to 1-hour keynote presentations or you can view our keynote presentations HERE. READ ABOUT MY APPROACH TO CULTURE

Building Happy Leaders

We know happy leaders are successful leaders and happy teams are more productive than less happy teams. Leadership that is vulnerable, inclusive, and possesses a growth mindset is part of creating a high-trust and high-performing teams.

Core Topics: behavioral flexibility, blind spots, communication, overcoming default behaviors, developing mastery, growth mindset, team-work, character strengths

Stopping Self-Sabotage

We’ve built up tendencies and emotional baggage and some of those tendencies serve us and some undermine us. When we minimize the volume of our negative self-talk we bring out the wisest and best versions of ourselves. There are 5 powers and 5 tools we can use to bring out our best selves for any challenge that arises

Core Topics: mental fitness, awareness, behavioral flexibility, negative emotions,  empathy, innovation, good and bad stress, resilience

The Craft of Happiness

Crafting happiness is action-oriented mix of art and science. The science of happiness is well known and well-studied with a blueprint of validated tools and techniques we can apply in life. The art is about your choices and while the tools we can apply are the same your blueprint will look like no one else’s design.

Core Topics: community, engagement, relationships, career choices, intentional action, goal setting, neuroplasticity, achievement, character strengths

Industries in Anthony’s Area of Expertise: Transit, Non-Profit, Environmental, Youth Development, Broadband

Work with Anthony

Anthony Poponi is the Chief Happiness Officer and Keynote Speaker and Workshop host your group will RAVE about. His mission is to reclaim the joy in workplaces and communities by inspiring leaders to foster community, spark laughter, and create a culture your group will rave about.

Keynote Speaker & Workplace Consultant Anthony Poponi