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The Good Mood Show With Matt O’Neill

Join happiness expert Anthony Poponi as he and Matt O’Neill discuss the hard parts to happiness and a happiness technique that is as easy as counting to five.

Chapter X with Michael Kay

Is happiness temporary? We think happiness is just on the other side of our goals, like earning a promotion at work or banking a higher salary, but shooting for achievement doesn’t always lead to being happy. The truth is we control only 40% of the lasting happiness we experience in life. In this episode, keynote speaker Anthony Poponi explains how we can focus on taking intentional actions that actively shape our lives to elicit more happiness.

In The Rising with Bettina Brown

Gratitude isn’t just a state of mind. Gratitude is an active tool we can use to appreciate what’s right in front of us while we work towards our next goals. And gratitude leads to micro moments of happiness and a happier brain is a more productive brain. Sometimes, under stress, we default to old protection patterns that undermine our happiness, our mindset, our relationships and our success.

Arista Wealth with Paul Moffatt, MBA, AIF

From uncertainty to negativity bias to the ‘mullet brain’, this episode distills the art of living a stress-free life into actionable nuggets of understanding. Tune in to hear some top habits and activities that will get you out of your head and into a life full of meaning and laughter!

Happy Productive with Jennifer Dawn

Opportunities for happiness are all around up. In this episode, Anthony shares some tips on on how he is able to stay productive, a quick way he inserts gratitude every single day, and the relationship between happiness and success. We also discussed how we have both been able to tap back into our own happiness after challenging periods in our lives.

The Kris and Kristine Show

Humans are wired to feel good when connecting with others, and events are a huge part of what’s been missing since the whole pandemic thing started. Conferences, retreats and team-buildings are an opportunity to reconnect and reengage. So, I urge you to gather, connect, celebrate and laugh – and, uh, hire me to make it a your event memorable and inspiring and focused. Focus on what you might ask? Focused on the 40 that Matters.

The Boss Lady in Sweatpants Show

Are you happy? Do you know your purpose? Have you achieved daily contentment? It’s easy to be misled on what happiness is with the bombarding messages from social media and advertisements. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to clarify your happiness. Today’s show will give you the roadmap and the tools to figure it out.

Work with Anthony

I don’t take my life too seriously but I do take humor very seriously – I’m mediocre at many `{`many!`}` things but not when it comes to humor.

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