Our brains are incredible because of their complexity. Our brains are also incredible in their simplicity. The high-powered human brain developed over time to support us in navigating threats and opportunities in life. The marvelous intricacies of the human brain are undermined by an old operating system (think Windows 98©) that struggles in navigating a world so different from that of our ancestors. Over the course of our lives we layer on experiences – both good and bad – and wire our brain’s programming creating typical patterns of response. Those patterns don’t always serve us and can sabotage the best self that lies within.  Try this free assessment to get familiar with your patterns of self-sabotage.


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Groups meetings are held weekly via Zoom for 30 minutes on Tuesdays start March 1st at 2pmPT/1pmMT/11amEST. The PQ Mental Fitness App is included for free with registration ($1000 value)

For a group session for your team, email book@anthonypoponi.com for pricing and availability. Scholarships for individuals are available.

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