With Point-B, discover the you that unfolds in this mountain valley.

You know you’re in the right place. Crested Butte—with our majestic mountains, rambling rivers, stunning trails and chest-high wildflowers—is entertaining! We want you to take home even more than pictures and memories.  Ask us about any of these services:

  • Improv for Creativity: Catalyze your leadership!
  • Brain Teasers: Teamwork takes you out of the box!
  • Emotional Intelligence: Perspective for possibilities!
  • What’s the Purpose? Oh the places you’ll go in just a minute.
  • Potent Communication: Learn the code of the human brain for instant & powerful rapport.
  • Free Happy Chemicals: Unlimited happy drugs! Legal and free! Not that kind! Though we do know a guy.
  • Introductory Shark Fighting and Sword Swallowing1:  Why not! The only thing you could lose if your life!

These sessions can be offered in blocks as small as 1-2 hours, half-days, full-days or multi-day transformations! Call or email for pricing.


Meet Paul Duba!

Meet Anthony Poponi!

Get More Laughs Out of Everyday Life!


Happiness is complex. Happiness is Simple. Happiness is Everything.


Conversations are the key to deeper connection and effectiveness.


A high-energy on stage persona while keeping your audience engaged and your sponsors happy!


Tying together themes while keeping engagement high is an art and a talent. Anthony has these talents in spades.

Work with Anthony

Anthony Poponi is the Chief Happiness Officer and Keynote Speaker and Workshop host your group will RAVE about. His mission is to reclaim the joy in workplaces and communities by inspiring leaders to foster community, spark laughter, and create a culture your group will rave about.

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