Anthony Poponi remains on a mission to be his Mother’s favorite child with the mission now stretching into its 47th year.  As one of three children he’s pleased to at least be on the podium again this year by default.

Anthony’s frequent mistakes and social gaffes have made him exceptionally fast on his feet.  Not “fast” the form of running evidenced by his nickname “Caucasian Molasses.”  And granted, if running away from his problems was a sport he’d be gold-medalist but we’re not talking about that.  How did we get off-track again?  This is the last professional bio we’ll ever get to write. Sigh.

What we mean is his many (many, like a lot) gaffes have sharpened his wit and with the aid of social contact lenses he’s developed a keen eye for humor in everyday life while celebrating the challenge of navigating high-functioning people around him.  Maintaining his disguise as a responsible adult is exhausting.

When he’s not slinging one-liners in improv Anthony brings his inner storyteller and self-deprecating humor to the stage in comedy shows from PG-13 to R rated.  Anthony Poponi is always an energetic presenter, a jokester from birth, and self-admitted lover of downtowns, community and wild spaces. He specializes in putting joy in our daily lives and in our communities through performances that leave his audiences roaring with laughter and buzzing with ideas on why gathering and laughing matters. Being a hard act to follow on stage is always his goal.