Coaching transformed my life (and still does!) and I want to you to experience the same transformation in your own life. My coaching approach is founded in Positive Psychology, neuroscience, leadership and mental fitness. My clients’ results have been profound.  Each client’s path is unique but we all want the same result: to be happy! What happiness means for each of us is different.  The barriers to happiness and the challenges are also very personal. But this image is the goal…..the created future.  Therapy is for the past. Coaching is about the future.

Default vs. Created Future

Your “default future” is the path you’re on. And to be sure the default path isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But the “created future” is there for the taking. The created future takes dreams off of the backburner, unleashes the suppressed leader within you, and harnesses the untapped potential you know is there. Closing the “gap” between the default and created future isn’t always easy and it sure helps to have someone to support, guide and hold you accountable.

My coaching practice is intentionally small and I seek to coach people who:

  • I can inspire them and they can inspire me
  • are community minded leaders who put others first
  • are ready to step fully into their potential and live fearlessly


“Tell me, what is it you plan to do.

With you one wild and precious life.”

– Mary Oliver, The Summer Day

I suggest you live that precious life to it’s fullest.

If you're open to learning more book a free discovery call.


“I’ll admit – I was skeptical of coaching.  Was it going to work? I think we both know the answer!  Your coaching has expanded my thinking and helped me develop proactive habits to address my own happiness, something I hadn’t been able to do well on my own. For that I’ll be eternally grateful! Coaching is helping me become who I want to be in life!” – Anonymous Coaching Client

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