Coaching transformed my life and I want to you to find the same transformation in your own life. My coaching approach is founded in Positive Psychology and focuses on employing strengths in your life to improve happiness.  We have control over 40% of our happiness with the other 50% being genetic and 10% affected through life circumstances but with fleeting effects that diminish rapidly over time.  Through coaching we’ll focus on the 40% you control.

Let’s quickly define happiness and this definition gives great perspective in thinking about what it means to be happy...

“Happiness is not the absence of sadness, nor soaring emotional heights of ecstasy….it is mildly pleasant, common but not permanent and includes some satisfaction with most aspects of life.” Ben Dean and Robert Biswas-Diener, Positive Psychology Coaching


Why should a business be concerned about positive emotions, happiness and well-being?

“Positive emotions are associated with having better relationships participating in more social activities, being liked better by coworkers, receiving better customer and supervisor evaluations, making more money, helping others more, enjoying better health, better coping, increased creativity and even survival.” – Barbara Frederickson, author of Positivity

Positive Psychology Coaching employs empirically validated techniques, activities and interventions to improve your life using elements of PERMA. PERMA from Well Being Theory was developed by psychologists at the University of Pennsylvania and have been empirically validated as effective and lasting. PERMA stands for:

Positive Emotions – looking on the past with gladness, towards the future with hope while enjoying and cherishing the present.

Engagement – engaging in things we enjoy and care about resulting in flow

Relationships – the single quality shared by the happiest people is an abundance of social ties.

Meaning – putting our strengths in action towards something greater than ourselves

Accomplishment – looking back on our efforts with a sense of accomplishment

I actively engage in different elements of PERMA and my Signature Strengths each day to make for fulfilling, productive and happy days.  Through coaching you’ll find your own path towards lasting happiness and a resilient approach to the challenges in front of you and the things you control. I’m thrilled to be of service to you.

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“I’ll admit – I was skeptical of coaching.  Was it going to work? I think we both know the answer!  Your coaching has expanded my thinking and helped me develop proactive habits to address my own happiness, something I hadn’t been able to do well on my own. For that I’ll be eternally grateful! Coaching is helping me become who I want to be in life!” – Anonymous Coaching Client