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Get Happy: The End!

A presentation or workshop on happiness, motivation and fear!

This is my favorite keynote presentation for corporate retreats, team meetings or conferences!

We aren’t meant to be happy all the time: THE END!  Breathe, it’s ok.

You inherited a brain that’s not that different from the cavewomen (cavemen? cavepeople?) roaming our planet 200,000 years ago.  A LOT has changed in on our lovely little planet Earth since then.  Nowadays we don’t typically spend our time foraging for food, hunting mammoths, fighting neighboring tribes and worrying about being prey upon by ancestors of the chupacabra.  Those were all real threats our brain evolved to navigate to help us survive and pass on our DNA through our offspring.

When physical threats to our survival are met our brains look to social threats.  We are social creatures by nature but being in groups comes with its own benefits and costs.


Our brains are constantly navigating these stressors and it can stress us out!  Understanding how our brains operate and what makes us feel “bad” and what makes us feel “good” is liberating!  The book “Habits of a Happy Brain” by Dr. Loretta Breuning was life-changing for me and I love teaching participants how to navigate stress and access some happy chemicals – legally!

caveman-neurochemistry-presentation-keynoteThese talks and workshops provide a fast-paced fun and funny whirlwind tour of your brain in formats from as short as 45 minutes to a half-day!  Find out why you’re stressed, excited, disappointed, afraid and most importantly what makes you HAPPY and why!

My hands on 2-4 hour workshop will help you understand that inner caveperson and give you tools and simple tasks to access the happy chemicals your brain produces. Bring more gratitude, pride, bonding, positivity and LAUGHTER into your life.  We’ll give you tools to create habits – “Habits of a Happy Brain!”  It’s so easy even a caveman can do it!

You’ll leave….

….understanding why you’re happy and stressed and learn how to manage those feelings.

…with details on how your brain neurochemistry drives your actions.

…with tools to apply what you’ve learned with easy steps relevant to you.

…with ideas on how to take your knowledge into different areas of your life.

PRICING: Depends on location, group size, event length and travel considerations. Email or call (top right corner!)

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