High Trust Cultures Create High Performing Teams


In this session we first explore the neuroscience of trust in a palatable and funny format. Humans are wired to crave trust and our brains have ancestral wiring putting a high value on trust. Trust makes us feel good, is critical to our well-being and our happiness – and happier employees are more productive than their less happy peers. When we experience trust our brains go from self-centered to other-focused and teamwork is the result. The absence of trust undermines everything.

Trust has an interpersonal make-up with 4 core components and we can become trustworthy by ensuring our actions and behaviors will build trust with those around us. Modern-day leadership is more than a one-directional top-down directive. Modern day leaders are expected to be empathic, authentic and vulnerable.

High trust cultures have 5 best practices and strategies that are low-cost and high-impact. During this session you’ll assess your team’s culture and then can explore which strategies can be implemented to build up the foundation of trust required for any high-performing team.

Learning Points & Objectives

1. Trust is built slowly over time and our actions and behaviors are catalogued in group

2. Your personal contribution to trust is multi-dimensional and small actions matter

3. Trust is foundational to solving the complex workplace challenges

This workshop is ideal for teams looking needing to better communicate and cooperate to achieve their results.

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High trust cultures have common elements and best-practices you can model and incorporate into your team over time.


Workplace well-being includes trust as pillar necessary to build teamwork. A workplace culture focused on safety, trust, dignity and respect creates advantages in retention and performance.


Trust is easy to break and must be rebuilt when fractured. Honoring when breaches of trust has been made is critically important to moving forward.


Trust creates a stable foundation to be built upon. Exceptional teams trust each other and are able to embrace conflict, commitments and accountability.

Trust is the precursor for any team hoping to achieve great results. Get started today…

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