Choose from these keynotes and workshops to fit your group’s challenges and needs.

Anthony Poponi’s interactive content and comedic charm will captivate your audience, inspire them and have your group laughing out loud throughout. Choose from these keynotes and workshops to fit your group’s challenges and needs. JUMP TO MY KEYNOTE

My Approach To Culture:

The collection of actions in the workplace is called culture. When done right your company’s culture brings out the best in our people and employees are aligned with their work, have purpose and a sense of belonging. Employees are inspired, engaged, challenged and they thrive.

Happy employees are thriving employees who lead authentically, lean into greater challenges and achieve more than their less happy peers.

When your culture is toxic there is no alignment between roles and strengths, employees aren’t connected to their colleagues and they can’t be their authentic self.  Leadership disappears as does any connection to purpose and sense of belonging. An employee’s deep desire to thrive is replaced with a desire to survive.

If you feel like there is something off about your culture and if you are struggling with communication, leadership and cooperation your culture needs a reset.

Through Focus on the 40© programs Anthony engages his audiences with his high-energy and high-impact approach to get teams inspired to change and focused on the habit-forming tools to ensure inspiration leads to habits and habits lead to results. Everyone wants to be seen, heard, valued, respected and appreciated.

Those “Oh, wow. Now I get it” moments from his clients turn into transformative dialogues that create the culture you’ve always wanted to create.

The result is happier and productive teams and happier people are successful people.

Our ideal clients are committed to more than a “one-off” training and culture as dynamic and constantly being shaped and thus commit to an ongoing investment in building a culture your employees will rave about.

Topics include: Transformative Communication, High-Trust Culture, Sustaining Happiness and Motivation, Self-Authoring Leadership, Character Strengths in Action

Industries in Anthony’s Area of Expertise: Transit, Non-Profit, Environmental, Youth Development, Broadband


Head-to-Toe Happiness

Happiness is complex. Happiness is Simple. Happiness is Everything

Transforming Team Communication & Leadership

Powerful communication and leadership go hand-in-hand.

Workplaces that Work: The Formula for Happy Teams

Compassion, gratitude and dignity are health boosters.

Using Creativity, Strengths and Mediocrity for Growth

The link between adaptable, flexible and resilient is hilarious.

Work with Anthony

Anthony Poponi is the Chief Happiness Officer and Keynote Speaker and Workshop host your group will RAVE about. His mission is to reclaim the joy in workplaces and communities by inspiring leaders to foster community, spark laughter, and create a culture your group will rave about.

Keynote Speaker & Workplace Consultant Anthony Poponi