Next stop 2021!

It's time to show up differently. Powerful. Sufficient. Ready.

Yes, please! 2020 will be behind us soon. So soon.  But is 2020 really behind us permanently?


We are the sum of our life experiences – good and bad – and 2020 will always be part of who we are because of what we experienced.

Emotional baggage is a phrase thrown around lightheartedly but emotional baggage is real and can stick with us for a life time – for good or bad.

This baggage affects us in ways we need to understand so we can ditch the bad baggage and get some shiny new durable baggage that serves us – and those we touch – better and more positively.

How about starting 2021 with a clean slate?

Focused on your strengths, deepening relationships and more success in life.  It’s time to show up differently.

Transformation isn’t hard if you have a guide that knows the shortcuts, a group that will hold you accountable all the while supporting you with unwavering belief that all you need is within you.

2-hour classes are hosted weekly on Tuesdays at 2pm MT starting February 2nd. Group size is limited to 8. 

group coaching leads to happier teams and happier teams are more successful


Session 1: Foundations of Happiness

Remember getting an F in school? Didn’t make you happy did it? These are different Fs and they serve as the foundation for happiness and happiness causes success. Yes, happiness causes success and not the other way around. Happiness first. Success follows. What’s incredible is how accessible happiness is if you focus on what really matters…one F at a time. We’ll set the foundation in this session and you'll love seeing putting new tools into everyday action right away.

Session 2: Resilience and Relationships

Stress is such an opportunity. What? Yes, an opportunity. First, reframing stress can change your worldview. Stress is a message from your brain - like an email. Here’s the problem. Your brain is using an AOL account for those emails. Old school. Like real old school. Like living in caves old school because our brains are structurally the same as they were 500,000 years ago and the world has changed a lot but we're stuck with an old program. Fortunately we can understand the old school messages and choose to ignore them and to choose a behavior for the modern day world. After we tame stress we can focus less on self and more on others. Other people matter in a way we should not underestimate and life-enhancing relationships are a two way street. We give and we get and relationships are crucial to our happiness.

Session 3: Right Work Right Place

This exploration of community and work will assess how each plays a role in your happiness, how each is deficient and a course of action forward for more…you happiness. Both our community and work should be an expression of our values, should help us grow in all phases, and should offer a chance to use our strengths in service to others. Both our work and our community should offer opportunities for some strategic discomfort, challenge stress and necessary tension which are all keys to growth.

Session 4: Setting The Right Goal for 2021

What if there was just one goal to rule them all? Veiled Tolkien reference there. Goals are important to our happiness and since we’ve built a foundation of happiness on resilience and optimism you’re ready to set a big goal for 2021. One goal that will affect everything else and one goal you can’t wait to work on and achieve. And achieve you will because happier people set big goals and achieve them more so than their less happy peers. This culmination of our four week program will bring together Sessions 1 -3 and come full-circle. New skills, new strengths, new belief in the only person you can control - you!

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