Navigating life wasn’t always easy before – it's even harder now.

Welcome to 2020 – the year of stress, anxiety and uncertainty!  You can improve your happiness with optimism and the result is resileince!

There’s this little virus that changed everything and moved the needle from “I was already stressed out before” to the extreme of “I don’t even know what to do next.” In other words: chaos.

I’m sure that resonates.  We were forced into dealing with the ever-evolving “new normal” and it’s been tough to navigate. After that, everything went online, you’re stuck at home and you’re dealing with a world full of digital this and virtual that. You want to be back with your friends, to do all the fun “things” like concerts, movies and sports but they are all cancelled. Ahhhhh!

And now, to navigate this new normal you need to stay focused.

“Focused on what?” You might ask.

Stay focused on the 40% of what really matters.  I call it Focus on the 40 and you, your friends and your family need to focus on what really matters more than ever right now.

Use this link to grab the resource guide on stress, resilience and optimism.

Here’s the core elements of my Focus on the 40 programs ….


50% of our happiness is genetic. That leaves us with 50% as a focal point. Lasting happiness comes from simple everyday things and if you’re focused on the wrong “things” you’re chasing fleeting happiness. The “things” you need are all around you.


is about “you getting you” and using your unique leadership style. You don’t have to be supervisor to be a leader and accessing the leadership style forward is critical to high-functioning teams.


you have a unique mix of character strengths and using those strengths is natural, effortless and energizing. Knowing your strengths and how to put them in action more frequently is powerful and the results are infectious!


Deal with your stress right now.  Download my fast-paced, funny and free workbook called “Get Happy Now: a Fast-Paced and Funny Action Guide for a Stressed World” and end your stress using simple tools to reduce anxiety and bring more happiness into your life today and more happiness tomorrow and the day after…and the day after. In other words: lasting changes.

I’ll conclude with this: focusing on yourself isn’t selfish and to lead yourself is a precursor to leading others and we need leaders now more than ever before.   I’m ready to help you on your journey!

Anthony Poponi is a professional speaker and lives in Mt. Crested Butte, Colorado. As a professional speaker, author and coach he travels the Country to share his humor and actionable tools from his Focus on the 40 Program©. 

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Use this link to grab the resource guide on stress, resilience and optimism.

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“Anthony provided just the right tone and content for our youth organization and the zoom call was a fun twist for the participants. Anthony incorporated some great feedback opportunities that kept our audience engaged. I would highly recommend Anthony, he’s great to work with to prepare content that’s appropriate for your audience and a very engaging speaker.” – Diana L. TVIA San Diego

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