27 Aug

Goodbye 40s Bring on the Gout

I should probably pay more attention to the symbolism around me more often. Today was my final day as someone able to claim being in their 40s. Over the past few weeks I’ve really enjoyed thinking about this milestone, where
11 Aug

Fear Disguised as Practicality

A blog post written only for me. (But I’ll let you read it ????) I’m freshly back from vacation in Denmark and Scotland. A delight filled and also challenging trip as expected. Biking, hiking, trains, planes and automobiles with the
22 Jun

Two Weeks of Living Danishly

In a few short days, I’ll be heading to Denmark and Scotland and I’m a wee bit giggly about it. Like giggling out loud “hee hee” from time to time like Buster Bluth when he finds out the party will
06 Jun

The Poison of Social Comparison

Maybe a less inflammatory title is “Celebrating the Brilliance of Others” though I think both points will be made, herein. Oh wow. I just used “herein.” Social comparison is one of the BIG THREE crippling mind traps because the need
25 May

The Beauty and Power of Vulnerability

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. It’s also American Cheese Month and I’ll celebrate both for sure but today I’ll spend some time on mental health. I had the great honor of presenting at the “Who is Jay?” symposium earlier
14 Feb

The Gift in Being Available

Andrew Whitworth was honored as the Walter Payton Man of the Year and Andrew’s speech was perfect. Andrew is humble and service-focused. A model of how to use your celebrity to impact the world in a positive way. Andrew shares
26 Oct

Happiness Applied

A good friend of mine attended my Get More Happier event last month and suggested a deeper sharing on how my research into the science of happiness has changed my life. It was a good suggestion and hard to encapsulate
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