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Pay for a Quality Emcee, Auctioneer, Keynote or DJ! Or else….

What does your event say about you?

One of the best parts of the business of emceeing, auctioneering, keynoting and DJ’ing is is showing people what can happen when quality emcee is inserted into an event. It can be an event that’s been happening for years or something just getting off the ground. I love getting testimonials after events saying something along the lines of “You really made this event special.”   Those words light me up and though the literal part of my brain says I didn’t “MAKE” the event – I just added my unique flair an event that already had the right elements in place.

Hiring a professional benefits your event in two key areas:

1.Your attendees win:  There is nothing as deflating for a crowd as being a part of an event that goes on for too long, feels disjointed and disorganized or has a volunteer on the microphone stumbling through the script. Your sponsors want to feel their investment is a appreciated and well invested AND (all caps for a reason) your sponsors want to be aligned with an event consistent with their own brand’s quality.  Never let the though enter into a sponsors mind that this event isn’t good for their brand.

2. You win: Yes, you.  Let’s get personal.  What does your event say about you?  Events are HARD to pull off and when their are snafus – and there are ALWAYS snafus – a quality emcee can keep the crowd engaged and laughing while you put out fires behind the scenes.  A quality emcee makes life EASIER for you as an event organizer.  Who doesn’t want their event to be easier? And again, let’s get personal: your event is a reflection of YOU.  Read all of the above paragraph again and realize your event is a reflection of your own brand.   An emcee that maintains flow, engages the crowd and cover the blemishes is making your brand STRONGER while making your life EASIER.  WIN WIN.

A quick example……

There is a great mountain biking competition in my hometown called The Growler put on by Gunnison Trails as their primary fundraiser.   The Gunnison Valley in Colorado is home to world-class mountain biking and Hartman Rocks is a gem (pun!) of a place to ride.  The race is attended by people from Colorado and neighboring states and celebrated its 10th year this year.  Everyone raves about the course and the event organizers have access to professionals in mountain biking who make for a killer course that is in excellent shape.   Is the quality of the course a critical element of this race? Yes! Of course.  It’s the MOST critical.

However, when mountain bikers come to our valley for The Growler they don’t come alone.  They bring spouses and children and the race organizers smartly added a series of fun youth races to engage the rest of the family and was a huge hit.   As emcee I recognized the kids, added a fun energy and commentary for parents and everyone raved about what a fun event it was.  SUCCESS!  I also emceed the awards ceremonies each day after the races and helped improve the process added tons of laughs and kept the audience engaged through what might otherwise be tedious and lengthy.  The win for The Growler?

Better engagement for kids and spouses and a polished awards ceremony means attendees will want to come back, they’ll tell their friends and our community wins when this event brings not just the racers but their families too…..more people = more money flowing in our Valley during a slow time of year.

Dave Wiens of Gunnison Trails says it best: “Anthony MC’d our bike races and with limited knowledge of mountain bike racing, he jumped right in, engaged with with people, kept a rhythm going at all times and always was on and was never forced or awkward. He’s just being himself and he’s so spontaneous and entertaining! We will use him again!”

Let help your event go next level and why not make it easier on yourself at the same time? I pinky swear, you’ll be happy you did.

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