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What We Offer

Always high-energy, high-impact content with a comedic touch and authentic persona that is unparalleled by other speakers.

    • Happier, healthier, productive and engaged attendees, employees and teams
    • Improved camaraderie, rapport and connection and inspiration with lasting effects
    • A Free, portable and printable high-five for each attendee  

Some things you can always count on from Anthony:  easy to work with, always positive, fun, funny, grounded and genuine. I ALWAYS get great reviews from my clients because I partner with them to create a presentation or workshop to achieve their achieve goals while making you look like a rock-star for hiring the right talent (wink!).

My goal is always to leave your audience buzzing about their experience for weeks and months to follow. I love my role, I love being of service and and it’s obvious to everyone who sees me on stage.

Making people laugh is my gift, making people connect is my purpose and making your event memorable is my passion. ~Anthony Poponi

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Check out my reviews HERE.  My clients say it all.