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Crested Butte, Colorado

Serious-Fun with Point-Be!

With Point-B, discover the you that unfolds in this mountain valley.

You know you’re in the right place. Crested Butte—with our majestic mountains, rambling rivers, stunning trails and chest-high wildflowers—is entertaining! We want you to take home even more than pictures and memories.  Ask us about any of these services:

  • Improv for Creativity: Catalyze your leadership!

  • Brain Teasers: Teamwork takes you out of the box!

  • Emotional Intelligence: Perspective for possibilities!

  • What’s the Purpose? Oh the places you’ll go in just a minute.

  • Potent Communication: Learn the code of the human brain for instant & powerful rapport.

  • Free Happy Chemicals: Unlimited happy drugs! Legal and free! Not that kind! Though we do know a guy.

  • Introductory Shark Fighting and Sword Swallowing1:  Why not! The only thing you could lose if your life!


These sessions can be offered in blocks as small as 1-2 hours, half-days, full-days or multi-day transformations! Call or email for pricing.

Meet Paul Duba!

Meet Anthony Poponi!

1We don’t offer this. Yet.