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Laughs & Inspiration

The trick to laughing more is laughing more.

A few of my favorite talks, videos and websites and, of course, some resources to get you laughing…..

Free High-Five: Get a high-five now for a quick smile.

December Meme Compilation – Tis the season for seasonal themed laughter!

November Meme Compilation – Political reference free laughter! Thank the lawd.

October Meme Compilation – Start the holiday weight gain season off right – with candy!

April Meme Compilation – A day where everyone thinks they’re funny – most aren’t.

St. Pattys Day Meme Compilation – Print and make ’em laugh like a leprechaun (leprechaun’s laugh, right?)

Meme Compilation:  Download, print and give to someone who needs to laugh.

Dr. Loretta Breuning: Your Ups and Downs are Natural

Brene Brown on Vulnerability: Shame is the fear of disconnection.

Flow: The Secret to Happiness:  We’ve all been in the moment.

Jim Gaffigan on the Holidays: Our traditions were created by a drunk man.

Brene Brown on Joy & Gratitude: Foreboding Joy?

Simon Sinek on Why Leaders Eat Last: Why Stress is Killing Us!

Nadine Burke on ACEs:  Acute Childhood Experiences Study. Soooo cool!

The trick to laughing more is laughing more. Laugh more at my BLOG