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Emcee, Keynote and DJ: Event Services

DJ’s, emcees and keynotes for memorable events!

Why host another boring (insert here): workshops, conference networking events, company icebreakers, reunions, bachelor/ette parties, weddings, divorces (why not), birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, funerals (why not?), house-plant died? Don’t grieve alone – survive with Hu-more.

Laughter is what we offer – we are after all!  We’re proud to offer the following  interactive keynote presentations and workshops for you and your guests:

KEYNOTE:  Look out! A car! Fear briefly triggers cortisol which stimulates our body to divert all resources to ensure we move out of the way of the passing car.  You survive and then cortisol levels in our body drop back down.  What if cortisol was pumping all the time?  Good? NO!!! Unhealthy! Think: long term suppression of your immune system, elevated blood pressure, decreased brain function!  Stress is killing us. Literally. Work = stress. Life = stress.  Kids = stress. Money = stress and long term stress = death! Ack!  Laughter can help! Let’s laugh more and reap the benefits! Click here for a sample: The Health Benefits of Laughter!

EMCEE: – Events are hard! Events are also an extension of your organization to those in attendance. Poorly organized events will kill the energy of your event and lose your guests FAST! A professional emcee keep the energy up and smooth over the blemishes so your guests don’t see the chaos going on behind the scenes. Take a look at our top-5-best-practices-for-killer-events. BIG HINT: 1 of the practices is to hire an emcee.  The adage: “you get what you pay for” couldn’t be more appropriate.

DJ: Don’t just choose any DJ for your special occasion.  Choose to make your event a event.  We specialize in customization and crowd engagement!  Get your crowd roaring with laughter with our combination of exceptional playlists and interactive emcees!  Find out more HERE!

PARTIES AND GAMES:  Make your next gathering hilarious and memorable!  We’ve got games of all sorts up our sleeves, in our pockets (not like that) and will bring the fun!  We’ll customize to any group size and time format.  Get a sampling of our silliness HERE.


A sampling of past clients who chose!

Download these PDFs to see where we’ve been and where we’re going: 2016 Performances and 2017 Performances!

Click to find out more  our DJ service for weddings or host a fun party with a purpose!


4 Responses so far.

  1. Dave Wiens says:

    Anthony MC’d our bike races and with limited knowledge of mountain bike racing, he jumped right in, engaged with with people, kept a rhythm going at all times and always was on and was never forced or awkward. He’s just being himself and he’s so spontaneous and entertaining! We will use him again!

  2. Daniel Bruce says:

    Anthony was an excellent MC at the Prom fundraiser benefiting Six Points Evaluation and Training. He worked the crowd well and kept everyone involved. He also worked well with our DJ Special K to keep everything moving. Anthony was very easy to work with and we got all of our announcements read and our sponsors recognized. It was great working with him on this event. I look forward to working with him again in the future.

  3. Kelly O says:

    Recently I attended an hour and a half Improv Class by Garrison Garcia. I had no real idea what to expect, and I almost backed out because I was tired from my day at work. I’m so glad I went, because I left feeling energized and my face hurt from all the smiling! This fast paced class makes you think on your feet and out of the box. There was a good variety of fun “acting” exercises and when it was over I couldn’t believe that it had already been 90 minutes. I would definitely attend this again, and next time I’m bringing more friends!

  4. Anthony facilitates a rich learning experience for my university students each semester. Through a cleverly-designed problem-based learning experience, as well as diverse examples, he provides students insight into triple-bottom line sustainability through a food system lens. He brings us out of the classroom and to the grocery store, employing the Better World Shopping Guide app and their brains as tools. Through humor, humility, and keen insight, Anthony easily engages his audience. I highly recommend him for your next learning journey. ~ Dr. Brooke Moran

  5. Anthony’s presentation was fun and informative. He commands the crowd even when its full of crazy kids! I would highly recommend Anthony for your event, as a matter of a fact we are planning another event with him very soon!

  6. Dave Wiens says:

    This was our 4th Winter Blast! fundraiser but the first with an emcee. Having Anthony take this on raised the bar on our event significantly and made my life way easier and less stressful and our event was better for all of this. We’ll be using him again in May at our Original Growler mountain bike races. Highly recommended!

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