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Games and Parties

Emcees, DJ’s and keynote speakers with a flair for fun!

Like the idea of doing something different?  Let our emcees, DJ’s and keynote speakers host a fun game, trivia night and make it a party with a purpose and have your favorite charity benefit.  Sound complicated? It isn’t.  Let us help.

Play Silly Games Like….

• Themed & Customized Trivia – Rated PG to NR based on your group.
• What’s in the Box: and Does it Bite? 20-Questions-Style Fun! Tetanus shot not included.
• Would you eat this for a Dollar? Pit your desire for prizes against your gag reflex and let others sweeten the pot while benefiting a non-profit. Also known as “What’s Your Pride Worth?”
• Let’s Flip a Car in the Parking Lot – We don’t actually offer this, we’re kidding. I mean, I guess we can offer this if you’re really interested. We’d need to check with our insurance.

Fun from rated G to Rated R – the spectrum to family-friendly to completely inappropriate1.
1Not suitable for all ages or for people with no humor (and likely no friends).

party-games-corportate-retreat-emcee-keynoteWhat is a Party with a Purpose….

We have a simple formula.  Read on….

Do-more with your event by adding a Half-Truism! 

Altruism is gesture of giving without benefitting.  By adding Hu-Mor(e) to your events you get to giggle so it’s Half-truism.  But Half-Truism is still ALL-fun! With a Hu-Mor(e) events you can blend good causes with good times.  No boring non-profit board meetings or newsletters just giving More to good organizations doing good things so they can Do-more while you do something fun!

Do-more with Gener-oddity?

Encourage philanthropy in your workplace/family/friend network and laugh more with our simple three-step approach called Gener-Oddity. It’s GENERosity, with a mix of ODDITY we call it gener-oddity emphasis on odd, but you’ll love it.  Our three simple steps:

1)    Laugh and Play Silly Games!
2)    Win Prizes for You or Your Team!
3)    Support a Good Cause!

Get a feel for our humor – visit our blog!

 How about a Holiday Party!


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