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Some things you can always count on from me:  easy to work with, always positive, fun, funny, high-energy and authentic.  I ALWAYS get great reviews from my clients because I partner with clients to achieve their goals while making you look like a rock-star for hiring the right talent (wink!).   My goal is always to leave your audience buzzing about the presentation for weeks to follow. I love what I do and public speaking, connecting and inspiring laughter are my gifts and my passions. ~Anthony Poponi


KEYNOTES & WORKSHOPS:  “Head to Toe Happiness”  A fun, funny, fast-paced talk or workshop full of actionable content for your audience. Every day is a gift AND not every day is going to be easy.  Some days are downright hard and we want to give up.  That is ok and it is normal.  What we choose to do in those moments where we want to walk away is what defines us.  What’s often missing are tools and techniques that tap into our build resiliency and perspective to get us back on track, motivated, inspired and ready to take on the challenges ahead.  There are many facets to happiness and we need to understand those facets and find ways to take action to build resiliency, maintain a positive and infectious attitude and support ourselves with the right community.  How will you view the challenges life presents?  Will you see challenges as an insurmountable barrier to fulfillment or an opportunity to answer the call forth yourself to greatness? We’ll touch on additional topics of compassion, dignity, equanimity, kindness and blend in tools to change brain chemistry, and assess the community you call home. Visit my pages on Workplace Happiness and Effective Conversations and dive a littler deeper into my personality and passions on my blog Full Circle Tangents.

EMCEE & MODERATOR: – Events are hard! Events are also an extension of your organization to those in attendance. Poorly organized events will kill the energy of your event and lose your guests FAST! A professional emcee and moderator keeps the energy up and smooth over the blemishes so your guests don’t see the chaos going on behind the scenes. I’m here to make you look good (wink!).

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