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My Blog: Full-Circle Tangents

Original humorous and insightful blogs from a mind suffering from a deficit of attention.

A peek into the wandering mind of your next keynote… you might call it “full-circle tangents”

Need a pick me up? Get a high-five right now!

Smiling through Suicide, Uncle Mike and Mike Love

Hot Dog, What an Idea!

Conversations with Dogs and Conversations with God

Happiness: Head to Heart to Toes

SuperMensch: The Grass is Always Greener

An Escalating Sense of Lunacy

There is only “I” in Loneliness

Soft Skills for Hard Times

The 123s of Gratitude


My list of failed bands….

Me Like Microphones….

Triumph and Tragedy: Hockey Life

Misrouted Item Technician

Thanks Mom! (Alternate Title: Don’t Read Into It Dad)

Running from Tony: Embracing Discomfort

International Literalist Society: Use Caution!

Red Noses & Blue Doors

Lessons and Observations from the PNW

I Stay Windward

When Doves Cry

All Terns Allowed! All Turns Aloud!

Astrology…A Foundation of Miscommuncation

Finding My Bonefish Willy’s

Go Schmidty (Alternate: The Hot Dog of My Desire)

Flabdomen – It’s Singular

132 E. Linden Ave (856) 783-5298

I’m going to be a misbehaving senior….citizen.

Evil Genius: Let There Be Noise

Triumph and Tragedy

Turkey Dogs: I Guess it Counts

New Years Resolutions: In Video and Images





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