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Go Schmidty (Alternate: The Hot Dog of My Desire)

“Go Schmidty!” rang through the ears of the nearby attendees, literally ringing in their ears, possibly for hours, she had the gift of volume but not tone.  It was an off-key ear splitting screech….think Edith Bunker, at volume 11, through a megaphone and an airplane engine. “She” was my grandmother, Grummie as we called her.  […]

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Triumph and Tragedy – My Super Bowl

Thanksgiving Morning. November 22, 2012. Turkey Bowl. Gunnison, Colorado, USA, Earth. 9:13 am.  Maybe 9:15. Narrated by NFL Films’  John Facenda. Based on a real story with fictional content. On the frozen tundra of Jorgensen Field a career was temporarily derailed.  But this is a story of triumph and tragedy….and chiropractic care, ice, MRIs, ben […]

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