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Crested Butte, Colorado

About and Bio

Howdy and Aloha,

Thanks for taking a look! (Note: Canadian users please visit my “Aboot” page, eh?)

Unique. I’m a little off…but in a good way. The lens through which I view life may be slightly cracked and warped, but the view sure is funny! I have a passion for laughter, community, connecting and philanthropy and it shows in my career, words and yes, antics. Humans are wired to feel good when connecting with others and events are a huge part of the social interaction so critical to our health. I urge you to gather, connect, celebrate and laugh – and, uh, hire me to make it a “humorous” and memorable event.

Expertise. I have over a decade of event planning experience including grand galas, festivals, corporate events, trainings and intimate parties for donors and have seen it all.  You get that experience behind the scenes and a “comedic genius” in front of your audience and BOOM your event goes from “fine” to “memorable.” Need more convincing? Read my recommendations and reviews for events.  These reviews make me smile ear-to-ear because my clients are always HAPPY!  I get to use my gifts in ways that serve others and inspire laughter.  How lucky am I? Very very lucky.

Emcee, moderator, keynote and auctioneer Anthony Poponi hailing from Colorado.

I tried to be so professional during this photoshoot. I tried!

Authentic. I love being a part of the social fabric of the community I live in (Crested Butte, CO) and I’ve been called the “unofficial mayor” of our towns because I love chatting people up. Give this great podcast a listen on what makes me smile and the role I relish in my community.  I take pride in lending my skills and experience to my community in diverse ways through service to non-profits, the less fortunate and to the business community through the newly formed ICELab at Western State Colorado University.  I’m honored to be part of a community of caring, passionate, driven and yet funky and people!

Humble. When I’m not working I’m usually volunteering, DJ’ing for our local public radio station KBUT or outdoors on water Nordic skiing with my dogs “Pancho” and the world’s most dangerous Chihuahua “Homie” AKA “Sherlock Homeslice.”  Otherwise I’ll be out exploring the breadth of life’s humbling experiences through snowboarding [below average], playing hockey [really poorly] and when the water melts I’ll be rafting [flipping] and fishing [it’s not called catching for a reason], on my motorcycle, hiking or mountain biking a navigating series of near-death experiences.

I don’t take my life too seriously but I do take humor very seriously – I’m mediocre at many [many!] things but not when it comes to humor. I am after all!

Smile! Laugh! Grin! Connect!
Anthony Poponi
(808) 421-8855