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Aboot: For Canadian Users

Note 1: Everything I know about Canadians comes from one of my favorite sporting documentaries, Strange Brew, and my Canadian consultant Ashwin.  Who asked not to be named.

Note 2: This page was not translated with Google translate as they don’t recognize Canadian as a language, $&#*<%*#^ racists.

To My Friends in the Great White North:

Thanks for checking out my Aboot page eh?  My services will cost you a few loony and a few two-fers and a meal at Timmies. Other entertainers will tell you they’re better than me but they’re hosers.  They can flake off, eh, those guys are hoseheads.

Choose me because no matter how challenging the event I’ll stand up and give-er. I horked some of the best content from other entertainers to bring you only the best laughs. People are always saying “that’s jokes” when I’m on stage. You’ll be laughing so hard you’ll need a serviette to wipe.

Hire me for stag or stagette parties or we’ll throw a snookum event.  

Check oot my reviews – my favorite says “Beauty” – and hire me for your next event.