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My Blog: Musings and Amusings

Original humorous and insightful blogs from a mind suffering from a deficit of attention.

A peek into the wandering mind of your next keynote… you might call it “full-circle tangents”

Need a pick me up? Get a high-five right now!

Hot Dog, What an Idea!

Conversations with Dogs and Conversations with God

Happiness: Head to Heart to Toes

SuperMensch: The Grass is Always Greener

An Escalating Sense of Lunacy

There is only “I” in Loneliness

Soft Skills for Hard Times

The 123s of Gratitude

Gnnison’s IBar Ranch – A West Slope Gem

My list of failed bands….

Me Like Microphones….

Triumph and Tragedy: Hockey Life

Misrouted Item Technician

Thanks Mom! (Alternate Title: Don’t Read Into It Dad)

Running from Tony: Embracing Discomfort

International Literalist Society: Use Caution!

Red Noses & Blue Doors

Lessons and Observations from the PNW

I Stay Windward

When Doves Cry

All Terns Allowed! All Turns Aloud!

Astrology…A Foundation of Miscommuncation

Finding My Bonefish Willy’s

Go Schmidty (Alternate: The Hot Dog of My Desire)

Flabdomen – It’s Singular

132 E. Linden Ave (856) 783-5298

I’m going to be a misbehaving senior….citizen.

Evil Genius: Let There Be Noise

Triumph and Tragedy

Turkey Dogs: I Guess it Counts

New Years Resolutions: In Video and Images





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