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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Flabdomen – It’s Singular

I’m going to correct a common misconception about the male figure. The anatomical term for the midsection of hominids is abdomen, which is obviously singular. Those of lower IQ will point to the term “men” in the word abdomen and say it’s the pluralated (or pluralized, pluraled) form of the word “man”, man but those […]

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Triumph and Tragedy – My Super Bowl

Thanksgiving Morning. November 22, 2012. Turkey Bowl. Gunnison, Colorado, USA, Earth. 9:13 am.  Maybe 9:15. Narrated by NFL Films’  John Facenda. Based on a real story with fictional content. On the frozen tundra of Jorgensen Field a career was temporarily derailed.  But this is a story of triumph and tragedy….and chiropractic care, ice, MRIs, ben […]

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